• 11 May 2022
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How’s the Community. Are all the neighbors friendly and is there a place close by to get an expresso. I like a good ice Mocha with 3 shots. 

Just trying to figure my way around with what these merit badges , categories, tags and getting set up with the new Release Notes process etc.  

It’s Hump Day all down hill from here. Working  for the sunny weekend ! 😎

1 reply

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Yum! Iced mocha sounds fantastic! The weather is hot here in the Carolinas, so that would really hit the spot! Big plans for the weekend? Our neighborhood pool recently opened, so I’m ready to relax in the sun--maybe with an Iced mocha now that you’ve got me wanting one!

If you want to learn more about Badges, see the post below. Other specific questions, just let me know--i’m here to help

Glad you’re here, Ralt! Hope you have a great rest of your week and a sunny weekend!


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