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  • 29 April 2022
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Hey everyone, 

Is there any interest in starting a thread where requests for enhancements/new features/new integration partners/etc are shared, developed, and voted on by the community?


I think it could be really helpful to everyone if clients had a place to collaborate on solutions  and show our support for ideas we think could benefit the whole community.





2 replies

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Hi Sam,

Thank you for your feedback and this is a fantastic idea! This is definitely an initiative that we are actively exploring building within this Community in the future. We understand the importance of building and growing our products to be aligned with the needs of our customers. Customer feedback and ideas are always a key piece to innovation; and an Ideation Forum (a place for customers to submit enhancement ideas, vote, and share business use cases) would be a powerful tool to amplify the voice of the customer.


We do hope to deliver an ideation forum in this Community in the future. Ensuring a project like this is successful takes time, commitment, and planning from several internal Blend teams. In the meantime, I encourage you to continue to share your best practices and solutions, ask questions, and connect with others on the Blend products. The best way to showcase the value of an ideation forum is for customers to actively engage within this Community which helps grow its reach and establish this as the hub with an appetite for additional customer programs such as ideation. I will definitely keep you posted on the development of the ideation forum!


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I think it would be great if Blend can provide a video of the enhancements and add it to the email that goes out with release notes. I like to be able to see the changes as well as read about them. 


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