July Office Hours Follow-Up

  • 13 July 2022
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July Office Hours Follow-Up
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Thank you to all who attended the July Office Hours on Wednesday 7/13!😀


As a follow-up to our Office Hours today, we wanted to share a few take-aways! ✅

  • Reminder- to sign up for our next Office Hours, start on the Community Homepage → Events → [Month] Office Hours, and Register! 
  • Home Equity - Discover the power of a personalized approach to marketing home equity. Helping customers meet their long-term financial goals builds trust and deepens relationships. Inside this ebook, you’ll find a breakdown of the many rich opportunities home equity offers as well as recommendations on how to integrate home equity into your marketing strategy right away.
  • Customer Subject Matter Expert Program - If you want to learn more check out this Customer SME Program Overview attached below and apply to become a Customer SME. If you have any questions about this program or feedback on Blend Community please reach out to Chelsea at croberts@blend.com

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Thanks for the recap @Derek!

I’ll use this space to follow up on a question that was asked during the call on the Support for Freddie Mac’s on-time rent payment history enhancement in Loan Product Advisor®️ (LPA) announcement.​ (Please register to view the announcement and stay informed on Product Updates).


@llupinski, I just wanted to follow up with you and confirm what @bstenstrom shared during the call. The 12 months of asset data is passed to Freddie Mac behind the scenes. The results will be returned in the LPA findings but not the report. I hope this helps for other members that may have the same question.





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