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  • 15 November 2022
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Added a co-borrower by going to Manage borrowers - added her name and email address.  I resent invite and it only went to the borrower.  The co - borrower shows on the application.  How do I send the invite to the co-borrower so her info can be completed?  Thanks!


6 replies

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The primary will always be invited to the Blend application first to complete their portion of the application. In their initial part of the application it will ask about a coborrower. There is a series of questions the primary will need to answer to determine position of the coborrower (married, sharing information, keep information separate etc). Once the primary completes their application an invite will go out to the coborrower to complete their portion (if applicable) or to simply eConsent if the primary completed the application for them. Bottom line, the primary has control of the application initially until complete, then the coborrower.

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Hi @Linda Foley 

Thanks for sending in the question!

Typically, after you add the Co-Borrower and select the “Resend Invite” option, you should be given a drop-down box (shown in the attached screenshot) where you are asked to select which borrower you would like the invite sent to.  


Since you are seeing an email go to the borrower instead of the coborrower (and you didn’t mention the drop-down box in the process you followed), it could mean one of three things:


  1. There was a setup issue with the coborrower and Blend doesn’t recognize them yet.
    1. If this is the case, it may be as simple as deleting the coborrower and re-adding them to resolve.  Blend support could also help you with reviewing and identify any potential errors with the setup if desired.
  2. The same email is being used for both borrowers.
    1. If this is the case, you won’t be able to send an invite email to the second borrower (and wont need to) since the Blend profile won’t need to be activated a second time.
  3. The dropdown box may have been missed when sending the first email
    1. If this is the case, just repeat the steps to send the email invite again making sure the appropriate selection is picked form the dropdown menu when it appears.


Dropdown box where you can select which borrower will receive the email invite


Hope this info is helpful to you!  Feel free to message me if you want to talk over this more or do more in-depth troubleshooting together.


I was able to send the co-borrower an invite by changing the co-borrower to the primary.  She completed what she could, but it doesn’t allow her to input SS# or DOB. 


Are you able to view the application to see what the problem is and how best to move forward, application #129249?

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Hi @Linda Foley If you still have questions and would like Support to look into this specific loan, you can open a ticket here:

Have a great day!

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I’d like to add a few additional tips. It is important to ensure that the primary borrower completes their application process before a co-borrower can activate their loan hub and complete their portion. I would advise your primary borrowers of this ahead of time if you have a co-borrower. 


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