Blend Sign- 4506 C Rejection

  • 15 June 2022
  • 3 replies


Using Blend Sign, we had our first 4506-C rejected by the IRS stating that signature and signature date are not readable.  Has anyone experienced this and/or know of a solution?  Thanks,  Jeff   

3 replies

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Yes we had to revert back to DocuSign until Blend Sign can increase their font size.

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Hello, I suggest reaching out to your customer success manager to see if they can provide a temporary solution. Our vendor does not accept DocuSign and we were able to customize our settings to have our 4506Cs DocuSigned vs. Blend signed.  Hope this helps. 

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We experienced this as well with Equifax. We contacted them and they confirmed that they need either the esign vendor’s logo (OneSpan) visible on the page with the completed signature, or they need evidence of completion.

When users esign with BlendSign/OneSpan an E-Signature Certificate of Completion should be created and accessible in the Docs tab in Blend. So you may be able to provide that along with the esigned document as evidence of completion. 


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