Blend text with authorization code for LO not being received

  • 3 May 2022
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Hi Everyone,

We have one LO that is not getting the authorization code from Blend when they text the code to log in. The LO has TMobile for her carrier.

Any thoughts?




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2 replies

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for flagging. I just check the status of SMS service and they don’t have any outages on their status page. 

Can we try to reset the MFA for this LO?

You can do this by going to “Setup” section in Blend and selecting the user and clicking on “Reset MFA” button.

One thing we can also try to see if things are working as expected is to ask the LO to change the method of code delivery to a voice call. Let me know how it goes!



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Some carriers have delays in transmission of text messages.
Check to ensure the phone # is accurate.
Do you have any sort of "Authy" app installed on your phone? If so, the Blend codes could be delivered to your Authy app vs to your text message app. They will not receive a phone call either if Authy is installed.
Blend uses Authy service to send out MFA token text messages. If there is a SMS issue listed in the status page here: that would be the reason for the phone number not being texted the authentication code.

If there is NOT a known issue listed in the status page provided above. AND/OR once any posted known Authy issue is resolved, then if you use Authy to receive token codes via text for another product outside of Blend, then you would not get text messages from Blend, you would see the MFA code appear in the Authy app. The way you can see the Blend MFA code is by opening Authy and walking through these steps to add Blend into the Authy app:
1. Open Authy
2. Authy will prompt user to add in a
registration code sent to the user email
3. Authy will now add blend and ask the user
if they prefer to see the code via app notification or text message
4. Blend MFA code will be displayed by Authy
5. If you want to remove Authy from you device, click here for more information
If none of the above resolve your issue, contact your service provider to ensure these text messages are able to be delivered to your phone. Some providers block these texts, which would also include the authorization call you also have the ability to receive.


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