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  • 20 April 2022
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Our goal is that your experience in Blend is as smooth as possible. However, if you experience an issue, there are several general troubleshooting steps you can take that will help resolve most issues. We’ll cover each step starting with the path of least resistance 


Check our Blend Status Page

Visit to check if there are any incidents that may be impacting the task you are trying to complete. Refer to Blend Status Page to learn more about subscribing to Blend Status updates.


Search in Blend Community or Help Center

As we collaborate more, the Blend Community grows. Chances are your question has been asked and answered before. Start by searching your question in Blend Community and Help Center.


Check the support section in Help Center

You can find dozens of articles in Blend’s Help Center. The General Questions and Support section includes several support and troubleshooting articles. Make sure you visit the section and see if your topic already exists.


Troubleshooting in Blend

If the issue you are experiencing has not been documented before, here are some steps you can take to narrow down the issue. Refer to Troubleshooting in Blend for more details on how to perform each step below.

  • Refresh your page

  • Try a different web browser

  • Update your web browser

  • Check if there is a pop-up blocker preventing you from advancing

  • Try again in your web browser’s private mode

  • Clear your web browser’s cache and cookies

  • Check your computer’s network connection

  • Try a different computer


Reporting a bug to Blend Support

Reporting bugs early and effectively will greatly improve the investigation process and reduce the time it will take to fix them. Console and network logs are vital when debugging issues, refer to Reporting a bug to Blend Support to collect the logs.


Contact Blend Support to report the issue and include the following information in your report.

Loan UUID(s)

  • Provide the loan number of the impacted loan.
  • If it's multiple loans, provide as many as possible.
  • If all loans are impacted, indicate the impact level using the Impact field in the form and send us a few of the most recent loan examples.

Blend Environment

Indicate the environment impacted and provide the URL (Unique Resource Locator).

  • Beta
  • Production
  • Other DBAs

Expected behavior


Actual behavior

Tell us what the result you expect vs what is actually happening. For example:

  • Expected: When I click on the +New loan button, I expect to see a submenu with the different options to start a new loan.
  • Actual: After clicking on the +New loan button, the page hangs as if it's loading a new page. After about 20-30 seconds, the "An error occurred. Please try again" error message shows up on the pipeline screen.
Steps to reproduce

List all the steps that lead to the issue in sequential order.


Indicate the level of impact.

  • Only 1 user is impacted/1 loan is affected
  • Multiple users/multiple loans
  • The entire business is affected (All users/all loans)
Type of Inquiry

Choose "I am having an issue with a feature" then select the platform and category of the impacted service/product.


Attach the .log/.har files, screenshots, recordings, or any other supporting visuals.

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