Does Blend require or request 2 years employment?

  • 6 October 2022
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When a borrower completes an app in Blend, does it require or request two years worth of employment? 

We are used to getting the full 2 years of employment, but this week have started to receive aps with just their current employer and many that have been in that job for a month or two. 

I realize the borrower has the option to put two years, but want to know if it requests two years or has a pop-up saying there is less than two years, etc? 



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5 replies

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I believe it suggests it, from what I remember I can say I have no employment or put less in and then just skip but I have not done this in a while so double check.  I would test it by going in as a borrower and trying to put in an app with less than 2 years and see if you can get around it and how.

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Hi @Andrew ,

It does not require it by default, but Blend offers the ability to require a specific length of employment history (in months) with an additional configuration.

Lender Experience


Borrower Experience

You can reach out to Blend Support if you are interested in trying this workflow in your beta environment.

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Thank you for the information Chelsea. I appreciate it. 

I believe we have the 24 months configured on our instance for employment history.  Is that configuration requires a the 24 months from current date or that can be a total of 24 months from the last x number of years?

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Hi @ronierodriguez! Your environment is configured for a 24 month employment history requirement and it applies from current date. There isn’t an option to set it from the last X number of years.


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