Generating Assets Statements

  • 27 August 2022
  • 2 replies

Can a applicant generate an asset statement after they have completed the application process?

2 replies

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Yes they absolutely can connect after a submitted application. If you send out a manual follow up for assets and request the borrower to connect vs upload, they can then login to their financial institution. Previously I would instruct my users to remove the listed assets from the Blend application to make it less confusing for the borrower when they see accounts listed in their portal. Also to note, if your loan as already been exported to your LOS, you will need to copy the Asset Reference Number and put it in the GSE Additional Provider Data field in your LOS. If you have not sent the loan to your LOS, the reference number will carry over with the export.

When asset statements are generated, is it supposed to be the most recent 60 days of transaction history OR just the last 60 days. 


Example: Pull statement on 10/24 but the statement uploaded from linked acct goes from 8/1-10/1. Is that due to no activity from 10/2-10/24? 


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