How do I check the eConsent status in Blend?

  • 8 April 2022
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You can find the eConsent status in the Borrower Information section, Compliance Report, and the Activity Feed in Blend.


Borrower Information

You can find the current Electronic Consent (eConsent) status in the Borrower information section of the lender application. You will find one of the three different statuses.


– eConsent Pending  
√ eConsent Given      
X eConsent Declined 



Compliance Report

The Blend Compliance Report will indicate the eConsent status in the report's Key Events and Electronic Consent sections. The Compliance Report is included in the Blend Application Package. Visit Docs tab to learn how to download the Application Package.


Key Events



Electronic Consent




Activity Feed

If your organization is configured to request eConsent as a separate task during application submission, the activity feed will record the action as true or false.



The Activity feed will also display this event if eConsent is given by the borrower after it was manually declined in the lender application.


  • eConsent can only be given by the borrower.
  • Visit the Accidentally declined eConsent post to learn more on how to re-request eConsent from the borrower.

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