How do I verify if the borrower has activated their account in Blend?

  • 11 April 2022
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If the borrower reports they aren’t receiving password reset emails, it’s possible that:

  • The borrower has not activated their account.
  • The borrower activated their account using SSO* (Single Sign On). Password reset emails will not be sent to users that log in via SSO. Learn How to identify the login method for a borrower.

*For institutions that have SSO configured.


The Activity Feed and the Email invitation message will indicate if a borrower has activated their account.


Activity Feed

Open the search function on your computer (Ctrl+F on Windows, Command-F on macOS) and search for “logged in.” If the event is present in the Activity Feed, the borrower has activated their account.



Email Invitation

For activated accounts, the email invitation message will include“You can now continue your new loan application online using the same credentials you used before.”

In comparison, the email invitation for borrowers that have not activated their accounts will not include the message indicated above.


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