How to get the most out of 'Ask the Community'

  • 5 April 2022
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How to get the most out of 'Ask the Community'
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Hi All,

The ‘Ask the Community’ forum of the Blend Community is the right place for you to bring all of your Blend questions! Have a question about how to use or configure a certain functionality? Curious as to why you should enable a new feature? Pose your questions here for all Community members. 


You can post a question any time by selecting the ‘Create a Posting’ button in the top right corner. You will need to be registered and logged in to post a question.


Pro Tips:


🔍  Search first

  • Your question might have been asked--and answered--before. Or you might find another helpful post with our federated search that searches other platforms as well!

🛎  Ask the Community or Open a Support Ticket?

  • Community is a great place to ask product functionality questions:
    • How do I….
    • Is it possible to…
    • How are other customers doing...
  • Support is here to help troubleshoot and solve for:
    • Error messages
    • Troubleshoot something not working as expected
    • Investigating specific cases and loans
    • Enabling new features
    • Updating backend settings


😀  Don’t be shy!

  • We are all here to learn and grow together. This is a very supportive community and your question will likely help many others after you!

🔒  Protect your customers

  • Make sure not to share any private or customer data.

 :warning:  Don’t Duplicate

  • If you have already submitted a support ticket, please don’t post the same question in the Community, and vice versa. This creates redundancies and duplicated effort for the teams that are working to find resolutions to your questions. Having the question in multiple channels will not expedite a resolution as the same teams are supporting the Community and Help Center--in fact, the duplicated effort could slow resolution.

📣  Tag Users

  • Tag users by using @ and then typing their username. Like this: @Chelsea . This will ensure they are notified of the response.

👏  Thanks!

  • Did you get a good answer to your question? Make sure to like the response and mark it as the ‘Best Answer’. This will help other members find it in the future.

💪  Jump In

  • We love to hear from our Customers, and they love to hear from each other. You likely have some awesome knowledge and unique ideas and solutions that could help your peers. Get some recognition for your expertise by sharing with the Community.


Happy exploring!


Community Manager

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