Is anyone experiencing issues when running DU in Encompass after export from Blend?

  • 13 September 2022
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When I export a loan application completed through LOTK and then make necessary changes in Encompass after the export and rerun DU I receive the following prompt:


Additionally, when I reissue the credit report via encompass and then try to run DU I get the following error.


So the workaround is then to manually clear out the DU ref # in field MORNET.X4 in Encompass and then I can successfully run DU.

Is anyone doing something differently? I have submitted a support ticket but was told the workaround I am doing is the process I need to follow when LO’s complete the application.


2 replies

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It appears you need to re-issue the credit report ID to the loan file. When credit is ran in Blend the credit ID is not automatically issued to the loan file. InEncompass, navigate to credit in services tab and re-issue the credit reference number. You will also need to make sure liabilities are being imported on page 3 of the URLA. 

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Hi @dmcmillan ,

I connected with our Product team about this. We believe this issue stems from the particular test scenario you are trying to run which cannot be accomplished end to end in Beta.  Your account team will be reaching out to discuss this in an upcoming meeting.

Have a great day!

Additional resource related to this: 



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