Is there a Day One Certainty indicator outside of the DU report?

  • 19 May 2022
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Is there any type of indicator that comes from Blend that identifies files that are Day One Certainty eligible? I’d like to be able to identify and report on this. So far I only know to open the DU findings to find this. I’m primarily looking for an Asset D1C indicator but will eventually want the same for Income D1C. 

When the Blend Asset Statement reference number comes over is that an indicator of D1C eligibility or are their exceptions where that would not be the case? Thanks. 


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2 replies

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Hi @karljohnson

I’m happy to provide some information. When borrowers connect to their financial accounts, loan components that are validated through DU will be automatically eligible for Day 1 Certainty. However, there aren't any indicators in Blend since we don't have data on how many files got D1C.


To answer the second part to your question, there are some factors that can disqualify D1C. For example;

  • A mismatch between the account holder name and the name on the application
  • Connectivity issues or data inaccuracies
  • DU run with the incorrect reference number
  • Account activity (no account activity or transactions within 90 days)
  • Account not in existence for at least 60 days

I hope you find this information helpful.




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Hi @Ivan 


For the factors that disqualify D1C that you listed above, would a Blend asset statement reference number still come through to Encompass or would those disqualifying factors stop it from coming through. 


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