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  • 13 October 2022
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Most of our clients upload the Social Security and credit card disclosures back to the general website instead of uploading them to the Ink Signed portion, and when they do upload to the correct spot, they almost always upload both borrower and co-borrower docs which results in the task not fully being completed even though we have the documents back. Is there a way we can manually check this task off so our borrowers don’t keep getting emails that their tasks are not complete?


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3 replies

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Under the Follow Ups tab, you should be able to navigate to the document and click on the ellipses to the right and ‘Mark as Complete.’

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Hi @b.merrill 

Yes, there is a way to manually mark a follow-up task as complete!


To do this, just go to the Follow-ups section in Blend, find the unfinished task, select the ellipses (“...”) to the right of the task and select the “Mark as Complete” option.  Once done, Blend will update to show the task as complete and will stop sending emails to the borrower.

Hope that helps!

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Is it ok if I clarify this request with you? Are you asking about an actual follow-up request or a disclosure that was delivered to the borrower? The replies above are indeed the path if is this was sent out as a follow up request. However if it is a generated and delivered disclosure to the borrower that is requiring an ink signature (you see 2 parts, eSign and ink sign) no, you are not able to mark that ink signed required doc as complete. The borrower will need to download and upload in that position for the request for all required borrowers. Back in the day, Blend allowed the lender to download and upload in copilot however that functionality was removed and does indeed have to be completed by the borrower now. The borrower can download and upload a blank document to clear it out.


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