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  • 2 November 2022
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We seem to have this issue when we do a 2nd loan for a client that's already in Blend. He is trying to log into the new loan, but he doesn't remember his password. When he tried to reset it, the email just takes him back to the login page and doesn't give him to option of resetting his password. Do you know how I get around this?


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Hey @TeresaKerr 

This is a really great question!  The tricky part in answering is that it could actually be a couple things causing the problem.  So, it is hard to answer directly, but I’ve outlined a couple things that might help you out:


What you can check on before involving the borrower:

  • Did they activate their profile when they applied for their first loan?
    • Example:

We see this problem a lot when dealing with joint borrowers that are also spouses.  They start one file and one of the spouses logs in, but the other never does.  First loan doesn’t go anywhere, but they apply again later and are more serious about continuing.  The second spouse finally gets involved and tries to log in, but since they never activated on the first loan they can’t figure out how to log in to the second loan and the password reset links don’t do anything for them.

    • How to see if this is the problem:

Go into the activity log on one of the files and search for an entry of “[Borrower name] logged in”.  If that doesn’t exist anywhere in the activity log, they never finished the activation process and need to go back and finish that step before continuing

    • How to resolve

They can either find the original activation email sent to them for the first loan and finish the activation process or you can send them a new activation email through Blend’s Lender portal.


Troubleshooting steps with the borrower:

  • If your verify their Blend profile has been activated and they still can’t reset their password, there is likely either a problem with the URL they are using or there is a problem with the cached data in their browser causing incorrect redirects to happen
    • How to address this:
      • To ensure they are at the right place, generate the password reset email for them by going to and generating the email for them (this will help rule out that they are using a bad link)
      • To ensure the browser isn’t interfering with the reset process, when the borrower gets the link you generated, have them copy the link and open it in an incognito window (“ctrl+shift+n” in Chrome) and have them follow the link in that window

I think the above steps will likely resolve the issue for your borrower.   If it doesn’t please reach out again!  There are additional more technical changes that can be done if none of the above works.


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