Settlement Agent Workspace Frequently Asked Questions

  • 4 April 2022
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Here is a list of 5 FAQs for Settlement Agents using Blend’s Workspace. Visit the Blend Settlement Agent Workspace section in our Help Center to learn more.


What can I do if I entered the wrong MFA method (email/phone number) and I need to switch it?

We can help. Reach out to and let us know. To expedite the process, please include the following information in your email.

  • The correct phone number or email
  • The loan number of the closing file
  • The name of the lending institution
  • The full name of the borrower


Why am I getting a “Not authorized” error message?

Not authorized” is shown if the temporary password has expired or is incorrect. Please make sure the temporary password is entered correctly in its entirety (it may include special characters). If the temporary password expired, reset your password.


Why am I getting a “Not found” error message?

Not found” is shown if the email is incorrect. Use the email assigned to the closing.


How do I check the e-sign status of a loan?

You will receive an email when all borrowers have signed. To check the status before it is completed, follow the steps below.

  • Log into
  • Navigate to the specific loan you want to check
  • In the Documents section, you will see a box with Lender eSign Closing Documents. Within that box, is a banner indicating if the borrower(s) have signed and the number of signed borrowers when applicable.


How do I upload wet-signature documents?

  • Log into
  • Navigate to the specific loan you need to upload documents to
  • In the Tasks section, you will have a banner to Upload Wet Sign Documents
  • Click Upload and select the correct file from your computer. You should be able to upload the entire document regardless of file size.


Make sure to check out FAQs - Settlement Agent Workspace in our Help Center.


Have additional questions regarding the Settlement Agent Workspace? Reach out to for assistance. Please provide us the loan number, the lending institution, the email address, and the borrower’s name. This information will help us assist you in the best way possible.


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