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  • 8 August 2022
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What is the process for Title Only Borrowers when sending out Initial Disclosures through Blend?

6 replies

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For us the title only borrower will just get an eConsent email but nothing from initial disclosures.  When its time for CD the title only borrower will then receive the CD to sign.

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We are Encompass users. This is what I have put out to the field.

  • Do not add the NBO/NBS until you are ready to order the initial CD, otherwise it can conflict with initials and revised disclosures.
  • Add the non-borrowing recipient in the File Contacts (Full Name, Email and Vesting Type are required) in Encompass. 
  • This will sync to Blend, and the invite will automatically go out.
  • Recipient will receive an email to activate loan hub and create and account. 
  • The recipient will need to create a portal account password and consent.
  • Click “Activate”.

Other things to note:

  • In Blend on the Application screen go to "Manage third parties"
  • Once completed you can Delete, Edit or Resend Invite.
  • If they get locked out, you can change Document Access to "Available".

Thank you for that information. Can I please ask how that process looks for you? Do you add the title only borrower, with their email address and then send only eConsent? 

Specifically, when creating the loan in encompass and sending to blend, would we do so with the main borrower and title only borrower entered into encompass as a Non-Borrowing Owner and when create a follow-ups only loan in blend, will it know that it’s only a title only borrower? 


Thank you.

How does this process look for you if creating the file in encompass and sending to blend as a follow-ups only loan?

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Yes, you can still do this on a Follow-ups only loan that was sent to Blend. But I would not add the NBO until it is time for the CD because I have seen it conflict with the other sets of disclosures for the party who is actually on the loan. Full Name, Email and Vesting Type are required in the Non-borrowing Owner contact in File Contacts inside of Encompass. 



I have a similar question when it comes to the Notice Concerning Extensions of Credit (TX 12-day) sent out for the NBO. If the NBO is not being added until before the CD is sent out, is this form being sent out as a follow up only? The reason I ask, is because we have started to add the NBO at initial disclosure and it does cause issues with the retrieval of docs if the NBO does not sign that form. 


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