Troubleshooting Email Delivery

  • 26 April 2022
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If you or your borrower are not receiving emails from Blend, here is what you can do.

Give it a few minutes

Although emails are expected to be sent and delivered almost immediately, sometimes there may be a delay. Check to ensure there are no incidents impacting email delivery.


Try again

If you are sending an invitation or trying to reset a password, simply try again.


Check your email storage space

Emails can accumulate over time taking storage space that is offered by your email service provider. If your storage is full, it might be time for a Spring cleanup. Make sure you have enough storage space to continue receiving emails.


Check your internet connection

Try visiting a different website such,, or to make sure you are connected to the internet and try again. If none of the websites are loading, reach out to your internal IT or support team for assistance.


Check other inbox folders

  • Make sure you are viewing All Mail and not a specific folder
  • Most email services filter unsolicited emails and can sometimes mark legitimate emails as spam. Check your spam, junk, or trash/deleted folders to ensure the email didn’t get filtered through

Check for email threading

Some email applications will automatically thread emails together if they are sent from the same sender. Make sure to expand the email thread and check if the email you are looking for is located within the thread.


Check for email rules

Many email services and applications include email rules features that can be configured to automatically take specific actions such as moving, flagging, or deleting certain emails. Check your email settings to ensure there are no rules interfering with emails sent from Blend or your institution.


Check your email on a different platform or device

To exclude the possibility of client-only rules (rules that run specifically on your computer or application) interfering with email delivery or configuration issues within your device, do the following:

  • Check your email on a different device (computer, mobile device, or tablet)
  • If you typically check your email using an application such as Outlook, Mail by Apple, Thunderbird, or Edison mail (among many others), try logging in to the webmail platform instead
  • Check for any error messages in your application or device


Check for allowlist/blocklist (formerly known as “whitelist) filters

Similar to email rules, some email services and applications offer an allowlist feature that filters emails sent from specific senders. Check your email settings to ensure Blend or your institution is not included in the block list.


Is your email account active?

To rule out the possibility of your email being deactivated unintentionally, consult with your IT team to ensure your email account is active.


Next Steps

If you are still unable to find an email, reach out to Blend support for assistance.


For Administrators

SES (Simple Email Service) records must be configured properly. Incorrect SES records can impact email delivery from Blend. Blend Support can provide the SES records if needed.

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