Was there a change made to follow-ups (and their categories)?

  • 17 October 2022
  • 2 replies

It seems the follow-ups for Asset Statements, Mortgage Statement, and Homeowner’s Insurance are no longer in the lists of the categories in which they used to live. I see Asset Statement and Mortgage Statement under “Commonly Used”, but that’s it. And Homeowner’s Insurance is searchable, but I can’t find it in any list (and when I search it, it appears four times). Did I miss this in some release notes?

2 replies

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Hi @JessLincoln

We’ve noticed this issue in our environment as well.  We can find all of the follow ups under the “all” section, but can't find some of the follow ups when looking in the specific follow up categories.  In addition to the ones you mentioned, we are seeing this effect the W2 follow up as well.


Blend’s Product Team is working on correcting the problem, but haven’t given an eta yet on resolution.  To get updates on this issue, you can send Blend’s support team a ticket and reference the ticket we have open to make sure they get linked together.


Blend Support Ticket # 309089

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Hi @JessLincoln and @Sam Q ,

Thank you for bringing up this issue regarding the follow-up items missing from the specific categories! Our team is actively investigating this due to the impact it has on Follow-Up experience, but I am happy to report that the required forms are still available by utilizing the “All” option and searching for the specific Follow-Up.  We anticipate a resolution to the issue within the next 2-4 weeks.


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