Any other Jack Henry Silverlake Banks joined the community and want to connect?

  • 31 May 2022
  • 2 replies

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Hello All, 

We are a Jack Henry Silverlake bank and wanted to put a note out in this community in the event other JH Silverlake banks wanted to collaborate on all things Blend. 

Let me know who wants to connect!

2 replies

Hello! My bank also uses Jack Henry Silverlake. I’d love to connect!

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I love to see people making connections here in Blend Community! That is exactly what we built this platform to be! In case it’s helpful to anyone else here that also wants to connect:

To connect with someone here in Blend Community, you can select their username anywhere it displays to open their profile page. At the top of their profile, to the right of their picture, there is a ‘Send Message’ button that allows you to send a private message. You can decide if it makes sense to share an email address or LinkedIn profile link, etc. 

If you have a question or see a question that you think a particular user would be knowledgeable about, you can tag them in a post or reply by typing @ and then start typing their username (e.g. @Chelsea Roberts) . Predictive text will help you find the user you’re looking for.

You will get an email notification if you receive a message, and you can always check to see if you have new messages by selecting your own profile picture in the upper right corner and selecting ‘Private Messages’ from the dropdown.

Happy networking!


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