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  • 8 April 2022
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Here are a few Community FAQs - Factually Answered Queries

📍 I’m new to Blend Community. Where should I start?

🎉We are so happy that you are here! Our welcome post will give you a quick overview of the community and what resources are available to you. Read our Community Guidelines to understand how we can build a welcoming and helpful place for everyone. Then introduce yourself to the Community--we can’t wait to meet you and learn from you!


✍️ How do I Ask a Question or create a post?

We can’t wait to hear from you! 

  1. 💡Search first - See if your question has already been asked or if your discussion is already started.
  2. From any page within the Community, select the blue ‘+ Create a Posting’ button.
  3. Choose whether you are asking a Question or starting a Conversation
  4. Create a short and descriptive Title. This will help users see directly what your post is about.
  5. In the description, share your question or discussion content. Share as many details as possible (🎗️always keeping in mind data privacy and our Community Guidelines)
  6. You can add 😁 emojis, 🖼️️ images and attach 📎 documents to your posting as well.


❌ How can I edit or delete my own posting?

⛔️ You can’t delete a postings--yours or anyone elses’--and you can’t change the title of your posting. If you do need to change a title or delete one of your postings for any reason, please reach out to @Chelsea via community private messages.


Typos happen to all of us, so if you need to fix something in your post or add more context to your question or best practice you can do so by:

  1. Navigating to your posting.
  2. At the bottom right corner of your posting, hover your mouse over the ellipses (...).
  3. Click Edit

  5. Make your changes and click Save.


📫 How can I message other Community members?

Were you inspired by someone’s posting in the community? Want to connect and learn more? There are a couple of ways to send them a private message:

Hover over the user’s picture or avatar and select the envelope icon.

or you can select a user’s picture or name to navigate to their profile where there is a ‘Send Message’ button. 

🚫 Remember our Community Guidelines--do not spam, solicit, or poach people in the Community.



😎 How can I update my Community Profile?

⛔️ Note: You can’t change your username after registration. But don’t lose hope--reach out to @Chelsea  for assistance via private message.


To get to your profile settings:

  1. Click on your picture or avatar in the top right corner of any screen.
  2. Select My profile.
  3. Click Edit profile.
  4. Now you can add/edit/remove your profile picture, update your name, bio, Forum Signature, etc. Make sure to click Save Changes.

At the top of your profile, there is a second tab called Settings where you can update some of your profile settings as well as notifications and email preferences.


🎖️️  What are badges?-- How can I stand out among my peers?

A badge is an award we give to our Blend Community members for achievements and activity within the Community. We use badges within the community to award and recognize our outstanding Customers who are starting awesome conversations, helping their peers, and sharing their expertise. We want to shine the spotlight on you and the work you are doing.

Read more:



📬  How do I get notified about new posts in my favorite topics or replies to interesting topics?

Anytime you create your own new Posting, you will automatically be notified via email when someone responds to your posting.


Want to be notified of any new discussions within the Mortgage Suite Best Practices category--or any other topic?


Just navigate to the Category that you would like to follow and click the Subscribe button. If you change your mind in the future, you can unsubscribe just as easily by going back to the topic and clicking the same button again.


If you see an interesting conversation that you want to keep up with and see how other people answer, you can Subscribe to individual postings. If you decide you no longer want to receive updates for that posting, you can unsubscribe by clicking that same button.

You can also update your notification settings in My Profile > Settings.


🗄. I don’t see Product Updates / Where are Release Notes?

Blend is continually updating our products to make them even better for our customers. To keep our customers updated with all of the enhancements, we publish Release Notes (Product Updates) once a week within Blend Community. Release Notes are only for our existing customers, and not publicly available. To safeguard the data, you will need to be registered with a confirmed work email address, approved, and logged into Blend Community in order to access these Product Updates.


If you just recently registered, there may be a 1 business day processing time to validate your account. Please note that registrations with personal email addresses will be inactivated. Once confirmed, Product Updates will appear as an option at the top of the page.



📒  How do I download the Release Notes from Product Updates?

Release Notes are posted within Product Updates weekly. Product Updates are only available to Blend customers and can be accessed when you are logged into Blend Community by selecting ‘Product Updates’ at the top navigation bar. You must be registered and logged in for Product Updates to appear. If you have just recently registered, there may be up to 1 business day processing time to validate your account and grant you access to Product Updates.


If you would like to download the Release Notes for your to view offline or share with colleagues, I suggest the following process:

  1. Open the Release Notes posting that you would like to export/download.
  2. With your mouse, right click on the page and select 'Print'. This will open a print preview of the full page.
  3. You should have an option to 'Print to PDF' instead of printing a paper copy.
  4. Look at the preview as it may contain some additional information from the page (such as the right column links to articles and such). You may be able to decide which pages to 'print' to the PDF which could allow you to leave off the last page if it isn't necessary.
  5. Click Print to PDF

This isn't super shiny, but it does pull all of the information--including images and screenshots-- from the Release Notes posting into a PDF very quickly so that you can have the file on hand. This particularly works in Google Chrome--I have not tried this in other browsers yet.


❓Still have any questions?

Please reach out to me directly:  @Chelsea . I’m here to help!

Welcome to Blend Community, I’m excited to be here and support you!



Community Manager, Blend

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