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Community Guidelines

  • 6 April 2022
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Community Guidelines
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Welcome to Blend Community! My name is Chelsea and I am the Community Manager here at Blend. 


We want to ensure that all our Community members are welcomed, valued, and respected. By following the Community guidelines, you’ll help make this a welcoming and helpful space for everyone. These are part of our Terms & ConditionsPlease abide by the following rules:


✌️ R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Our Community is a shared space for connection and learning. We value each of our Community members and want to build a safe space to ask questions and share ideas. Please speak kindly and respectfully. Foul language, insults, or harassment of any kind will result in a revoked membership.


🕵️️ Be authentic

To protect our data and our customer’s data, we require all users to register with their work email address. Personal email addresses will not be allowed to register.


🔒 Can you keep a secret?

We hope so, and your company does as well! Please protect everyone’s data including your organization’s confidential information, customer data—(especially nonpublic personal information of your customers), and your own personal information that you don’t want shared publicly. Do not share confidential information, non-public personal information, customer data, or any information relating to your Blend contract or pricing data.


😇 Be accountable

You are responsible for your interactions with others. Please use common sense and good judgment as you are a representative of your company. Post items that you feel will benefit your peers.


💪 Your input matters!

This is your space—we want to hear from you! Help make Blend Community a better place by sharing your expertise and knowledge. The Community grows because of customer contributions—so ask a question or share a best practice.


👍Thank you” goes a long way

Did you come across a helpful answer or idea? Giving it a quick thumbs up or “like” will help others find helpful information as well. 


🐟 Stay on topic

As you engage in conversation, keep your comments on topic and constructive. Our members are here to discuss a shared topic—please don’t derail a conversation. If you have a new question, start a new topic instead of interrupting an existing conversation. Don’t spam your peers.


👕 Don’t air dirty laundry

If you have feedback about Blend Community, content, or policies, please connect with us directly via direct message or email us at We welcome feedback and discussions done through the right channels.


⛔️ There are consequences

We will take action if you violate the Community guidelines. Postings can be edited or removed by the Community Team if they are inappropriate. We may issue warnings or revoke Community membership. For more, see our Terms & Conditions.


👀 See something that doesn’t follow these guidelines?

No need to respond to the posting. You can help bring it to our attention by just clicking the flag option under the ellipses icon at the bottom right of the screen. We will investigate it right away.


Thank you for reading and following our Community Guidelines to help build a friendly place where we can all grow together.



Community Manager, Blend

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