Community: How to Collect Badges

  • 25 April 2022
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Community: How to Collect Badges
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Gotta catch ‘em all!

Remember all your collectibles--Pokemon cards, baseball cards, pogs, comic books, coins, stamps--too many to count! We’re big fans of collectibles, so we are incorporating our own collection of badges within the Community for you to collect!

What is a badge?

A badge is an award we give to our Blend Community members for achievements and activity within the Community. We use badges within the community to award and recognize our outstanding Customers who are starting awesome conversations, helping their peers, and sharing their expertise. We want to shine the spotlight on you and the work you are doing.


How do I get a badge?

You can collect badges through activities in the Community. Some of the types of activities that can earn badges: 

  • Creating new posts within the Community--asking questions, or starting conversations
  • Replying to other’s posts
  • Answering questions from your peers
  • Liking posts and comments
  • Attending events, participating in groups, challenges, and more!

And the more you participate, the more badges you’ll earn. You can level up as you post more within the community and be recognized for your accomplishments.

We will add new badges from time to time and have limited edition badges for participating in different events, training programs, betas, feedback programs, and more! So keep checking back in the Community to see what’s new and earn your badges!


Where can I see badges?

Badges appear under your name on any post 

You can also hover over a user’a picture to see a popup of the user’s profile. Select the name to be taken to their full profile page:

You can navigate to your own profile by clicking on your picture/avatar in the upper right corner. Of course, you will need to be registered and logged in to have a profile and earn badges.

 Want your first badge, now?

We have a welcome badge just for you! All you have to do to get the Welcome badge is introduce yourself!

  1.  😎  Upload a photo or avatar (you will need to have a profile and be logged in).
  2.   👋  Introduce yourself on this post to share your story.
  3. That’s it! You’ve earned your welcome badge!


We hope you enjoy winning and collecting our badges!


Community Manager, Blend

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