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  • 10 August 2022
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Join Blend Academy!
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What is Blend Academy?


Blend Academy offers Blend customers self-paced training, video tutorials, webinars, and more. Gain product knowledge to build your confidence. Help your team accelerate the journey of using Blend Platform to achieve your business goals!


Watch the short video below and take a tour of Blend Academy!


What’s new in Blend Academy?

  • Preview before enrolling: Choose what you want to learn! See all the course offerings and preview them before enrolling.
  • Self-enroll: Enroll in any course and curriculum! After enrolling, the course will show up in the My Learning section. 
  • Learning progress: When you log in, the My Learning section shows your learning progress, status, and badges. It can be found in your settings when clicking the profile picture.
  • Search and learn: Need to find a tutorial quickly? Use the search bar to see the short video tutorials that are available to enroll individually!


How to Access Blend Academy? 


Please access it directly from the browser:, and register with your work email address. 


Watch the short video below for signup and login instructions.


What types of content are available? 

  • 🏫  LIBRARY:  Explore different course collections in the library, and enjoy the bite-size video tutorials and eLearning modules.
  • 📚  CURRICULA: Take courses in sequence, and you'll earn badges upon completion of curricula.
  • 💻  WEBINARS: Join us with Blend experts for virtual instructor-led training.

Collections in Library


  • Mortgage Basics

  • Mortgage Advanced

  • Consumer Banking Suite

  • Virtual Labs

  • Blend Live Series

  • Blend Mortgage Basics

  • Blend LO Toolkit

  • Blend Consumer Banking Suite: Consumer Loans

  • Blend Close: Encompass

  • Blend Close: Non-Encompass

  • Follow-ups


🌟 If you don't know where to start, we recommend:

     🤩 Blend Mortgage Basics Curriculum guides you through the core concepts and fundamental features of the Blend mortgage suite.

     😎 Revamped Mortgage Labs has added interactive simulations and walkthroughs for your hands-on exercises. 


For more information on Academy, please read the attachment below.📎


We hope you enjoy our new Blend Academy! Happy learning! 

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