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Hi All, My name is Yahanaz sheriff. I am a Software testing professional with 15 years of experience mostly into banking web applications. I have been testing the Mortgage loan processing for the past 7 months(Blend+Encompass) and found it to be very interesting. Hence I am here.

I don’t have a pet yet. Still deciding, should I get a dog or cat. 


Hi Everyone,

My name is Rob Evans and it looks like I might be the only MLO in the string of introductions so far. I’ve been in the biz for 28yrs. Ten+ of those years were as an Wholesale AE for big banks, where I really enjoyed unique partnership with my Ops colleagues. Nearly 3yrs ago I joined HTB where I’ve enjoyed opportunities to serve on committee’s related to digital solutions and the customer experience. I’m very pleased with Blend and my customers continue to give positive feedback. Thank you all for bringing impressive technical experience to this collaborative community and I hope to contribute. BTW, I have a Cavalier named Maggie. She likes to sleep by my feet and snore loudly while I’m on the phone. 


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Hi everyone,  My name is Todd and I am Allied Mortgage Group’s Director of Process Development.  I live in Philadelphia and am a diehard fan of all Philly sports teams.  I also love to cook. 

Allied originates in the Consumer Direct, Distributed Retail and Wholesale Channels.  We are long time Encompass users and are mid process of making the POS switch over to Blend.  I look forward to connecting with and learning from all you seasoned Blend users and hope to find ways to contribute to the community.  

Please feel free to reach out at any time!  

  • Todd

Hello, My name is Ray Ward and I am I Senior Loan Officer with Tidewater Mortgage Services in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  I have built so many relationships throughout my 25 years in the mortgage business originating residential loans.  I am excited and looking forward to connecting with everyone within the community.🙂   

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Justin Knowles checking in from City Bank in Lubbock, TX. 

I currently serve as the Strategic Innovation Officer for the enterprise. My role gives me the opportunity to research product, features, processes, etc. to deliver ideas back to our executives as well as different lines of business. My background is heavy in digital, payments, and operations, but this role provides much more to review. A few recent projects include Conversational AI bot with and Glia, Contactless debit card central and instant issuance, Customer Acquisition Tool for our lenders and Treasury teams. I lead our Strategic Innovation Office, while also serving on our Tech Steering, Ops Steering and ESG committees.

A few vendors we use: MX (clearly), Q2,, Glia, Blend, Mastercard, Corserv, Jack Henry Silverlake, Thales, Diebold, 8X8 just to name a few. 

Happy to connect for a virtual cup of coffee anytime. I have also been known to take part in coffee bean bag exchanges. You mail me your favorite blend from your local coffee shop, I reciprocate. Open invitation to anyone!

Talk soon, 

Hello Blend Community!


My name is Tyler and I’m a Mortgage Loan Officer with Lake Michigan Credit Union based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I’ve worked for 9 years. I live here in Michigan, but we have over 60 branches between Michigan and Florida and serve 4 additional states. 

We’ve been using Blend for over 3 years, but are now transitioning from the MortgageFlexONE LOS to Empower, where I’m assisting in the development integration between the systems, and familiarizing myself with Blend’s expanded capabilities to help train other Loan Officers.

I have two dogs (Beagle & American Staffy), enjoy traveling, eating, and working towards becoming a CMB within the mortgage industry. Looking forward to some great connections within the group and industry!

Hi all,

My name is Syed. I’m a business analyst at The Federal Savings Bank based out of Chicago, IL. I helped onboard one of our sales divisions to Blend for the POS system. Looking forward to learning new tips and tricks to pass along to my team. 

Happy to discuss what I have learned along the way and hopefully learn from you all as well.

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Welcome @shussain ! We’re glad you’re here!

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Hi Everyone, I’m Linda Weeks, Mortgage Systems Admin for a credit union in Oregon. I’m Admin for Blend and Encompass, in addition to being admin for all other Mortgage services, such as Credit, DU, Appraisals, etc. We have been live in Blend since the end of October, so pretty much brand new. I’m looking forward to learning through this forum the best way to optimize Blend for both our Members applying for a mortgage loan and our Loan Officers using the system. 

Thank you all for being here! 

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Welcome @lweeks ! We’re glad you’re here as part of the Community!

Hi everyone! My name is Ronie Rodriguez.  I am the IT Product Owner of Blend for Frost Bank.


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