How to re-sync the eConsent status from Blend to Encompass

  • 28 June 2022
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Learn how to re-sync eConsent between Blend and Encompass when there is a mismatch. A mismatch may occur in situations where a borrower declines eConsent in Blend after they had originally accepted.

eConsent status declined in Blend
eConsent status in Encompass reflects “Accepted”


Clear eConsent status from the Blend Integration form

1. Navigate to Forms in the Encompass file

2. Open the Blend Integration form

3. Click the X next to the CX.BLEND.B1.ECONSENT.STATUS field

4. Click Reset Hash

5. Save the loan file in Encompass


Get the latest eConsent status from Blend

1. Navigate to the Disclosure Tracking Tool in the Encompass file

2. Click the B button in in the Disclosure History to get the latest eConsent status from Blend

The eConsent status in Encompass should now match the status in Blend.


Verify that the eConsent status matches

1. Click the magnifying glass icon next to the eConsent field in the Disclosures Tracking tool

2. The eConsent Status should now match

3. Save the loan file in Encompass

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