Positive Rental History Payment FAQs

  • 1 August 2022
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This article will answer some of the frequently asked questions on how Blend supports Freddie Mac’s on-time rent payment history enhancement in Loan Product Advisor® (LPA) and Fannie Mae’s rent payment history enhancement in DU (One pager linked below).


How do I verify that Rent Payment History is working?

After the feature has been enabled, the findings report will display a message if the borrower met the requirements.


Can I get a copy of the 12-month asset data?

Blend does not generate a report with the 12-month asset data. The data is sent behind the scenes.


Why do Generated Asset Statements continue to show only 60 days of data?

Blend will continue to produce Generated Asset Statements (GAS) for 60 days. The 12-month asset data is sent behind the scenes.


Will this feature apply to prior loans?

The feature isn’t retroactive and will apply to new loans after the feature is enabled.


Is the Rent Payment History feature available for everyone?

This feature is available to clients that run DU and/or LPA in Blend.


Does it auto-push the data to Encompass so that when users run DU in Encompass, it will access the Rent Payment History?

If assets are pulled before the application is exported to Encompass, the GAS Reference ID (Ref ID) will export as well. If assets are pulled or refreshed after the loan is exported, users can retrieve the GAS Ref ID from Blend and paste it in Encompass.

Refer to Step-by-step guide for updating the RefIDs for Encompass users to learn more.

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