SMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 31 October 2022
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This article covers some of the most frequently asked questions on Blend’s SMS feature.


What phone number will borrowers be receiving SMS from?

Messages will be sent from the 800 toll-free number assigned to the lender organization.


Can each LO have a different number?

The 800 toll-free number will be the same for all LOs.


Can the borrower reply to an automated text message?

The SMS feature is one-way only. Aside from the opt-in/out words below, any other replies to automated messages are not monitored. If the borrower replies to an automated SMS, nothing will happen.

  • STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, or QUIT, opts out the borrower from receiving SMS messages.
  • YES or START to the initial text, subscribes the borrower to SMS text message updates.
  • START or UNSTOP resumes SMS messages if the borrower has opted out.


Is it possible to send mass invitations (in bulk) via SMS?

No. Similarly to email invitations, they can only be sent on a per-loan basis.


Can the primary borrower subscribe the co-borrower to SMS updates?

If it’s a shared application (same borrower pair, sharing email address), the primary borrower will be asked if they want to opt-in the co-borrower for SMS updates during the Additional Questions milestone in Blend.


*For organizations that allow borrowers to have shared email addresses.


How often are SMS notifications sent?

  • Messages are sent when the follow-up is initially created.
  • If the follow-up is not completed within 48 hours, another message is sent.

Blend limits follow-up messages so that “duplicate” notifications are not sent within 10 minutes of each other. Meaning, if a loan officer creates and sends a follow-up, then sends another one within 10 minutes, a second message will not be sent to the borrower.


Are these follow-up SMS notifications apply to loans before and after they export from Blend?

SMS is not dependent on application export. Refer to SMS functionality to learn more about the type of notifications sent.


Can I re-send the opt-in message at any point in the loan process?

It is not currently possible to re-send the opt-in message. If the borrower has opted out/unsubscribed, the borrower must reply back with “START” to the 800 number that originally sent the message when they first opted in.


Is this something we can see in the LO app?

SMS information is available in the Manage borrowers & SMS link in the application when the feature is enabled. Refer to the Borrower Opt in/Opt Out section in SMS functionality to learn more.


Is there a role permission required to allow LOs to use the SMS feature?

There is no role permission required for SMS updates. If the feature is enabled, all LOs will have the ability to offer SMS updates to borrowers.

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