The Work Number (TWN) Frequently Asked Questions

  • 23 May 2022
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This is a list of FAQs on TWN. Refer to The Work Number (TWN) to learn more.


What if the SSN doesn’t match?

The SSN must match or TWN won’t return a successful hit.


What if TWN fails?

If TWN fails to return any results, W-2s and pay stubs will be added after the failure.


Why did TWN fail/skip?

The Activity feed in Blend will record TWN-related events and responses. You can apply the Activity Types by Milestone & Processes filter to view TWN events and review failure messages or reasons why TWN was skipped.


Will TWN fail if the borrower has not given eConsent?

eConsent is not required to run TWN successfully. Only the consumer report consent is required.


Are we able to turn off TWN from running automatically for specific users?

Setting the following role permissions to Never will restrict the ability for users to collect borrower consumer consent in Blend.

  • Permission to run verification of income lender-side
  • Permission to re-verify income

Since consumer consent is required for TWN to run, it will not trigger TWN through the lender side. However, if the loan officer invites the borrower, and the borrower provides consumer consent before the application is submitted, TWN will trigger on application submit.

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