1,000 Blend Community Members!

  • 26 August 2022
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1,000 Blend Community Members!
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Happy Friday everyone!

And this Friday is even more exciting, because I get to announce that: 

Blend Community has reached 1,000 members this week!


That’s 1,000 financial professionals from across the country coming together in one place to discuss and share all things Blend. Some of the most experienced mortgage and banking professionals in the country right here!


A big shout out and welcome to @eodonnell who is our 1,000th Community member!


As we celebrate that Blend Community has been here for a few months and is continuing to grow, what do you like best about it? What would you like us to add/upgrade or do next? Blend Community is here for our customers and I want to make it your favorite resource. My virtual door is always open--send me a message if you’d like a tour, have a question, or have an idea of how I can make Blend Community even better!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Community Manager, Blend

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