Centralize fee management: Now in LO Toolkit

  • 18 November 2022
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Centralize fee management: Now in LO Toolkit
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Tired of the disjointed process for managing application intake and pulling in loan fee estimates to provide full quotes? 


With Blend Fee Management, we’ve now integrated lender, third party, government loan program fees, and prepaid/escrow fees into an-easy-to-use and intuitive fee engine that allows users to centrally structure, manage, and configure all fee details within Blend’s LO Toolkit.

  • Provide a more transparent, intuitive experience for LOs and consumers

  • Improve conversion and build trust by providing borrowers with more accurate fee data, estimated closing costs, and cash to close

  • Free LOs from the heavy lifting of manually entering fee data from different sources, so they can focus on advising customers


Make the most of the LO Toolkit with this new feature. 


Read all about it on our blog and connect with your account partner to schedule an enablement session to configure this feature.

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